Sunday, 22 November 2009

CloudServers Perl module - 0.09_10

perl -E'say join " ", reverse world, hello' # :)

I've finally found some time to play again with the Rackspace API manual, and added a couple features to the Net-RackSpace-CloudServers module I hadn't touched since moving home some months ago.

The project is semi-alive on, and the latest 0.09_10 development version should be on CPAN soon.

It's basically a one-to-one adaptation of the Rackspace API document available at

On the scripts/ directory there are some examples on how to use the module: it's possible to list all images, flavors, and servers you own, as well as delete servers by ID or create new servers in what I think is quite a simple syntax.

As an example, let's delete that pesky server whose ID's 666:

use strict; use warnings; use Net::RackSpace::CloudServers;
my $cs = Net::RackSpace::CloudServers->new(
my @servers = $CS->get_server_detail;
my $srv_666 = ( grep { $_->id == 666 } @servers )[0];
die "No such server id 666\n" if ( !defined $srv_666 );
$srv_666->delete_server(); # dies in case of error
print "Server #666 deleted\n";

On a branch not on Github yet, I'm working on an App::Cmd interface to it, as well.

Any comments at all would be truly appreciated, as this is my first module I'm trying to get on CPAN ;)

Till soon,


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